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Alle Neuigkeiten von TORTUGA

10 Little Pirates - vom:12.07.2018

Wow! What a weekend. Our video shoot for „10 Little Pirates“ is done and we are very excited about the result. Many thanks to our pirate crew for their acting skills, Susanne and Jochen Lehmann for the location and to Michael Valentin and Andreas Detemple for the recordings. Stay tuned!

Powerplay Magazine - vom:12.07.2018

„This is music by pirates that can’t be pirated!“ Finally a sailor who understands who we are and what we do. A nice review (8/10) in the print magazine (Issue 209) POWERPLAY from United Kingdom.

SOUNDCLOUD - vom:18.04.2018

Now you can also listen Tortuga on soundcloud.


We have had a visit on our ship. Special thanks to Carolin Merkel for her newspaper report about Tortuga.

FFM-Rock - vom:06.04.2018

Yarrr, horns up to Michael from FFM-ROCK who gives „When The Shit Hits The Fan“ 8 out of 10 points. Thank you!

METALOGY - vom:06.04.2018

Cheers to Lydia for spending us a nice review of our 2nd Album on It seems that she still likes our shit

REVIEW AVE NOCTUM - vom:04.04.2018

Arrr, raise your horns filled with delicious rum to Gizmo from AVE NOCTUM where "When The Shit Hits The Fan" scores 7.5 of 10 points. Thanks for your support!

And the winners are... - vom:31.03.2018

Bernd Schmitz, Iain Williams, Simone Ferner, Nico Rosar and Kai Diemenzo. 🎉🎉🎉Congratulations! Please send us your address.

When The Shit Hits The Fan - vom:30.03.2018

Attention landlubbers! Today you have a chance to win one of five signed „When The Shit Hits The Fan“ CD´s. All you have to do is write an E-Mail with the subject „GIVE ME THIS SHIT“ to The winners will be announced on Saturday the 31th of March. Good luke.
Our new CD has been released. Tortuga continues to be free for all – following the motto “music from fans for fans”.


Thanks to Michi for the very nice review of our upcoming album „When The Shit Hits The Fan“, which will be released on the 30th of March!

Ahoy Pirates - vom:24.03.2018

Keep your eyes open. Soon you have a chance to win some of our new CD’s, signed and shipped for free. Stay tune…


Today we have a special for you. The crew had an signing session. Maybe there will be a signed CD for you?


"Tortuga has sailed the seas since 2015 under the leadership of Capt'n Mary Read. In terms of musical style the band stays true to its course."
Here you can already listen to the new album "When The Shit Hits The Fan". (RELEASE 30th of March 2018)

Dummschwätze Podcast - vom:26.02.2018

Turn on today. Sascha and Lukas from the Dummschwätze Podcast will present you a song of our new album „When The Shit Hits The Fan“.

RELEASE 30th of March 201 - vom:05.01.2018

Soon the shit hits the fan. All instruments and vocals have finally been recorded and our upcoming album is now going into the mix. On the 30th of March it will be released.

Aye - vom:08.06.2015

A roar comes up from the deep while Blackbeard is swinging his six-string sabre in Tortuga Studio. The crew will follow...

Ahoi - vom:08.06.2015

The next step is to be taken: Three-Finger Bill has sharpened his axe in the past few weeks to board Tortuga Studio well-prepared tomorrow. We want a clean fight!
The captain presents you the Pirate's Bride battle fields...

Pirates Bride - vom:08.06.2015

ARRR... Things are getting real!
This winter "Woodleg Willy" will enter Studio Greywolf to pound the war drums. The call-up starts at the 5th and lasts 'till the 7th of January 2015. More crewmen will follow...
The captain is ready to rumble. But... oh my gosh... it's a lady!



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