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Alle Neuigkeiten von TORTUGA

RELEASE 30th of March 201 - vom:05.01.2018

Soon the shit hits the fan. All instruments and vocals have finally been recorded and our upcoming album is now going into the mix. On the 30th of March it will be released.

Aye - vom:08.06.2015

A roar comes up from the deep while Blackbeard is swinging his six-string sabre in Tortuga Studio. The crew will follow...

Ahoi - vom:08.06.2015

The next step is to be taken: Three-Finger Bill has sharpened his axe in the past few weeks to board Tortuga Studio well-prepared tomorrow. We want a clean fight!
The captain presents you the Pirate's Bride battle fields...

Pirates Bride - vom:08.06.2015

ARRR... Things are getting real!
This winter "Woodleg Willy" will enter Studio Greywolf to pound the war drums. The call-up starts at the 5th and lasts 'till the 7th of January 2015. More crewmen will follow...
The captain is ready to rumble. But... oh my gosh... it's a lady!



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