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Alle Neuigkeiten von TORTUGA

TORTUGA - Pirate Song - vom:05.07.2016

Yes, we are pirates... and that's how we set sails!
Enjoy and share!

Aye - vom:08.06.2015

A roar comes up from the deep while Blackbeard is swinging his six-string sabre in Tortuga Studio. The crew will follow...

Ahoi - vom:08.06.2015

The next step is to be taken: Three-Finger Bill has sharpened his axe in the past few weeks to board Tortuga Studio well-prepared tomorrow. We want a clean fight!
The captain presents you the Pirate's Bride battle fields...

Pirates Bride - vom:08.06.2015

ARRR... Things are getting real!
This winter "Woodleg Willy" will enter Studio Greywolf to pound the war drums. The call-up starts at the 5th and lasts 'till the 7th of January 2015. More crewmen will follow...
The captain is ready to rumble. But... oh my gosh... it's a lady!



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