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Heavy 'N' Roll

66763 - Dillingen

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3-Finger Bill (Bass)

Captain Mary Read (Vocals)

Jack the Knife (Guitar)

Sir Blackbeard (Guitar )

Woodleg Willy (Drums)

Yes, we are pirates hundreds of years too late, but now we have returned!
At the midst of the 18th century the age of pirates came to an end.
300 years later the scourge of the caribbean has returned.
If a shadow roams the seas, the sound of war drums is pounding at the coasts and the smell of sulfur is in the air then they cannot be far. Only god knows what they are up to. Maybe you are next?

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RELEASE 30th of March 201 - vom:05.01.2018

Soon the shit hits the fan. All instruments and vocals have finally been recorded and our upcoming album is now going into the mix. On the 30th of March it will be released.

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